is an open market place for state of the art video intelligence use cases and algorithms, enabling diverse enterprises to effortlessly discover, access and consume use cases and algorithms. Focus on Solving your business problem instead of spending all your time researching complex algorithms

  • Business Market Place

    Ready to consume industry and B.U. wise catalogue of AI usecases.

  • Algorithm Market Place

    Ready to consume catalogue of State of Art AI algorithms for developers to build AI usecases or products..

  • Private Market Place

    Makes AI built by teams inside enterprise discoverable and securely accessible across and within the organisation.

  • CAMP (Public Marketplace)

    Market place contributed by Cognitifai, and Makers : academic partners and handpicked independent researchers & developers across globe to democratize access to state of the art AI.

Suite of intuitive no-code visual modelling tools that supports full lifecycle of AI algorithm or AI product development - From research to production.

A fully managed highly parallel and distributed operating system for: Training, inferencing and continuous learning of AI at scale. Automating and optimising the end to end operations lifecycle for deployment of AI at scale. All agnostic to where to run AI and how AI was built. Therefore shrinking your time from months to minutes to productionize AI at scale.

  • Hyperconvergence

    S/W defined Infrastructure. Virtualization, Software defined N/W and Storage.

  • C/OaaS

    Fully managed containerization and orchestration of end to end services.

  • ML/AIOps

    Infrastructure and tooling necessary to deploy AI algorithms and pipelines reliably and scalably.

  • Serverless

    Framework for building serverless functions.

  • DevOps

    Automating operations from development to production.

A framework for secure distributed storage, governance and processing of large, multi-source data sets.